Phoenix Roof Restoration


There are two main factors that will influence your decision to choose a roof restoration. These are usually cosmetic reasons or your roof needs to be repaired.

As a roof ages, attention to the following areas is necessary:

  • Broken tiles
  • Cracks in the bedding and pointing along ridges and hips as well as any loose capping
  • Rusted valleys and loose valley tiles
  • Rusted and/or blocked gutters and downpipes


These are common problems, which as well as being unsightly can cause water leaks, leading to costly repairs down the track.

Roof tiles and Colourbond sheets will also suffer some form of discoloration over time.

If you think your roof may have any of these issues, a detailed inspection is recommended. Upon completion we will provide you with photos of any existing issues and advise what repairs are needed. We will give you a range of options to suit your budget and needs.

It is important to note that roof coatings alone do not provide protection against leaks. To make your roof watertight, broken tiles and cracked ridges need to be attended to before the roof is coated.

We can also restore your gutter and fascia to have them looking like a brand new factory finish gutter. This works out to be around a 3rd of the cost of replacement. We can match any existing colorbond colour

We provide a 10 year manufacturers warranty as well as a 10 year workmanship warranty with all complete roof restorations. A full roof restoration will ensure your roof is protected and looks like new, for a fraction of the cost of a new roof.

Please contact us if you have questions.